The main attraction for the visitors is the city of Chelmno itself – it is full of Gothic monuments and has a beautiful Renaissance town hall. The city is inscribed on the list of Historic Monuments of Poland. Yet, the most precious historical value of Chelmno is preserved in a chessboard layout of the city with the largest market square in northern Poland. In addition, Chelmno can also be proud of a complex of Gothic churches, almost fully preserved ramparts of the city gates, as well as numerous historic buildings.
Chelmno is also called the city of lovers. It is because of the relics of the patron saint of lovers, Saint Valentine, which are kept in the parish church of Chelmno. Saint Valentine's Day, the 14 February, is celebrated here with great solemnity. The city is beautifully decorated a couple of days before Saint Valentine's Day and that special day itself offers many events, concerts and attractions.
On the bench love everyone can send greetings by the camera installed:

In Chelmno, periodically, some interesting events take place. The most important of them are (the list is given in the chronological order):

  • January: A National Christmas Carol Contest
  • February: Saint Valentine's Day in Chelmno, Saint Valentine’s Fair, Love Song Festival, Culinary Arts Workshop entitled “Alchemy and Cupids in the Kitchen”
  • March/April: Easter Fair
  • April/May: Family Festival in Chelmno
  • May-September: “Spacerki po Chełmnie” (walking tours around the city of Chelmno)
  • May - August: Organ Evenings in Chelmno
  • May - August: Summer Festival “Music in the Monuments of Chelmno”
  • May: The Tournament of Knight Befriended Brotherhoods for the “Golden Lizard” Trophy
  • June: every two years, A National Festival of Amateur Brass Bands
  • May/June: every two years, International Choral Meetings
  • June/July: The Days of the City of Chelmno
  • July: Chelmno Festival, International Meetings with Folklore, “Lizard Fair”, National Workshops for the Students of Architecture
  • August: Popular Song Festival: “Let's Dance Together in the City of Lovers”
  • September: Rock Band Show “Amatorock” in Chelmno
  • October: National Choir Contest for the Crystal Heart of Autumn in Chelmno
  • December: Christmas Fair

Chelmno offers also a lot of sports facilities among others municipal stadium, indoor swimming pool, sports halls, motocross track, a canoe marina, “Orlik” complex.

Things to do in and around Chelmno:

  • Starogrod (town associated with the pre-settlement era of Chelmno; approx. 8 km to the south of the city),
  • St. Lawrence Mountain (place associated with the pre-settlement era of Chelmno; approx. 7 km to the south of the city),
  • Wabcz (a Gothic church; approx. 11 km to the north-east of the city),
  • Bajerze (an eclectic palace, 14 km to the south of the city),
  • Kijewo Krolewskie (a Gothic church, 11 km to the south of the city),
  • Trzebcz Szlachecki (a Gothic church, 17 km to the south of the city),
  • Papowo Biskupie (ruins of a castle, a Gothic church, 17 km to the south-east of the city),
  • Wielkie Czyste (a Gothic church, 8 km to the south of the city),
  • Świecie (the remains of the Teutonic Castle, 10 km to the north of the city).

APARTMENTS in heart of Chełmno

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86-200 Chełmno

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