Additional service

Meals (prepared after placing an earlier order in a restaurant situated 30 m from our premises).

Breakfast per adult 20 PLN.
Breakfast for a child aged 4 and over 10 PLN.
Dinner per adult 15 PLN – from the offer of the day, no choice of dishes.

In the case of ordering meals delivered directly to the apartment the cost will be increased by 10 PLN.

Breakfast is served from 8:30 a.m
Secured parking area:
A 6 PLN fee for 1 day.

At your request, we will prepare the interior of the apartment in line with your expectations (e.g. for honeymooners, for lovers, for an anniversary, etc.). We will face the greatest challenges and we will try to meet your highest requirements. The price for this service will be determined individually.

APARTMENTS in heart of Chełmno

ul. Rybacka 3
86-200 Chełmno

tel. +48 56 6912080
fax +48 56 6912090

kom. +48 501780153
for english +48 791588681